Web Hosting Overview

Step 2) Selecting a Hosting Plan

Now that you have registered your new domain name, you need a place to store your web pages. This is what’s known as “hosting”.

The web host, in this case EZ-Web.biz, stores your web pages and makes them available to the world when your domain name is typed in an internet browser. In addition, the web host provides storage for all email addressed to your domain name and gives you access to it. At EZ-Web.biz, we even give you world wide access through web mail at no extra cost!

When selecting a hosting plan, there are a few important considerations. Number one is bandwidth. If you have a site that you expect to have a lot of hits, you need a lot of bandwidth. Let's say your home page, including all links is about 20 Kbytes. If you signed up for the "Starter" package at EZ-Web.biz, you would get 2 GB (2 gigabytes) of traffic per month, which is about 66 megabytes per day. This means you could have 3,333 hits per day. This is actually more hits than most sites get in a week. In short, 2 gigabyte of traffic is usually enough for most websites. Be wary of web hosts offering outrageous amounts of bandwidth. You should really read the fine print before signing up with them.

Next on the list is disk space. You need disk space to store your web pages, images, databases, email, etc. Most sites require less than the minimum allowed in the "Starter" package. Unless you plan on storing a lot of images, videos, audio files, etc you won't need a lot of disk space. I personally have a site with three years (not every weekend, mind you) of beach photos and use less than 20 megs. If you plan on running a medium sized business with many email accounts, you may want to consider going for more disk space, but for simple individual user sites our Starter package should suffice.

Want lots of email addresses? With EZ-Web.biz, you get 30 addresses and a whopping 200 MB of storage space. Each email account is totally separate and comes with it's own username and password. Our "Starter" package offers 30 individual email accounts. This means that you can have an email account for yourself and then give away 29 additional email accounts to friends/family/employees. This is usually more than enough for individual sites, but possibly not enough for a business website. If you have more than 30 employees, for instance, you may want to get a hosting package with more email addresses (like our "Basic" package).

Use the "Pricing" link above to find the package that suits you best. If you don't find what you are looking for, send us an email at Sales@EZ-Web.biz and we will put a package together that meets your needs.

Now that you've registered your domain, selected a hosting plan and we have set up your account, you have what's known as a web server. It sounds impressive, but it's useless without content. So let's move on to building your site now. Click below to find out what to do next.